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The Competence Center for Artificial Intelligence from WEKA Industrie Medien

Industrial AI opens up new perspectives for the manufacturing industry - and at the same time raises many questions. Applications of artificial intelligence are appearing at all corners and ends of the production halls as well as along the value chains: From the planning process to plant construction and the entire supply chain through to sales planning. Industrial AI is the coming universal technology of the smart factory in its infancy, transforming into seven-league boots in giant strides. It is still far from clear which opportunities can really be realized, where dead ends or pitfalls lurk, and which regulatory measures are unavoidable.


With WEKA Industrie Medien offers a future-oriented platform for Decision maker, Maker and Technician, which they always have about current trends, applications and developments keeps us up to date. We present successful, but also less successful projects; we allow critical voices to have their say as well as visionaries; we address corporate ethical strategies and examine technical concepts for their practical feasibility.

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AI in practice
AI in practice
It is both an economic necessity and a strategic goal: AI should give European industry a competitive edge. And indeed, more and more companies are turning to the technology of the future. Examples of AI in practice show the possible applications.
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AI Insights from Fraunhofer Austria
Welcome to the third part of our series "AI Rap with Eva Eggeling"! In this video we dive deep into the world of generative AI and learn how creative algorithms work.
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AI test by Alan Turing
In this first part of our series 'AI Rap with Eva Eggeling', Eva Eggeling, Center Leader for Data Driven Design at Fraunhofer Austria and Head of the Innovation Center for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence KI4Life, dives deep into the topic of the Turing Test.
How AI works
AI is everywhere - but where is the journey heading for industrial applications? We highlight how different players - from global tech giants to small startups - are using artificial intelligence to drive innovation and optimize work processes.
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Experts talking about AI
Klaus Paukovits, Head of Business Development at WEKA Industrie Medien, talks to Sebastian Schlund, Center Manager for Sustainable Production and Logistics, and Eva Eggeling, Center Manager for Data Driven Design, at Fraunhofer Austria about innovations in AI in industry.


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Portrait of Klaus Paukovits

Klaus Paukovits

Head of Business Development | WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH

The editor-in-chief of the trade magazine for industrial automation technology AUTlook has been working for over 20 years as a journalist in the field of industrial, energy and building technology, with a particular focus on economic, political and historical contexts. At WEKA Industrie Medien, he also contributes his expertise as a cluster manager for the construction and building technology sector and as a presenter for TV, podcast and online formats. He prefers to go where artificial intelligence has not yet reached and see for himself if it's really true.

Contact: E-mail

Portrait of Daniela Purer

Daniela Purer

Head of Corporate Publishing | WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH

As a long-standing editor and page maker, she is Head of Corporate Publishing at WEKA Industrie Medien, where she is responsible for over 20 print editions for important players in Austrian industry. For her, the fusion of analog and digital is the challenge that must be mastered in the future. Now, this challenge has an additional component: How can AI be used efficiently to lift the diverse workflows and processes - not only in publishing - but especially in the Austrian industry into a new age? The exciting thing is to experience the emergence of a new technology at first hand.

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